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Your relationship with your body is absolutely everything.

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The Gold Standard in Understanding Self-Care 

Debunking the myths

We go to town on what gets in the way of all things self-care

Getting started

We share the essential keys in getting started. It's actually simple!

Making it your normal

No more start-stopping -  simple ways to make self-care normal

You live in your body every moment of the day -

it is natural to be deeply caring of yourself. 

All the support you need to get started with Self-Care

This 3 lesson course introduces the simplicity of Self-Care. It's real, practical and super easy to incorporate into your life. We provide you with a Self-Care Journal to help you track your successes, along with amazingly supportive bonus resources. 

How to stop living on auto-pilot and have a relationship with your body

Have you ever felt like self-care is this thing you have to fit in to your life? And perhaps you've seen it as something that is boring and dull. This course is not your normal 'rule-book' on self-care - but rather empowers you to make it your own. You will never see self-care in the same way again...and there will be no more excuses you can use to not have it as part of your life. 

Sara & Bianca - your course facilitators

We have made self-care the absolute minimum in our lives and guess what?! We are not boring, nor are we into rules and check-lists. We are all about making life simple and living a vital life - at the very least. In this course you'll feel like you're right there with us and part of the conversation. Prepare for a showering of Ah-ha moments...and we will be with you all the way!

Self-Care Made Simple

$37 AUD


  • 3 Video Lessons
  • Self-Care Guide
  • Self-Care Journal
  • Bonus Content

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